Houston Token


Houston Token(Ticker: HOU) is the native token in the ecosystem of HoustonSwap. The total supply of HOU is 1,000,000,000.
By staking HOU, Houstonauts are able to obtain veHOUSTON to further participate in the governance and shape the future of HoustonSwap. You can also enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges provided by HoustonSwap.

Utilities of $HOU

  • Participate in project launchpads on Aptos
  • Stake to earn other project tokens
  • Join Houston’s governance to reallocate boosting resources
  • Access our exclusive automated strategies
  • Unlock the features of special offer of lending and borrowing
  • NFT Airdrop

Emission and Vesting Schedule

Updated at 3 Nov 2022
Updated at 3 Nov 2022