🤖Automated DEX

When users supply liquidity into a concentrated liquidity DEX, they have to choose a price range themselves and keep an eye on the market to manually change it from time to time.

HoustonSwap is built to automate this complicated and troublesome operations of manual monitoring. By offloading liquidity management to our algorithmic bots, liquidity providers can simply select their desired token pair and capital amount, and let our platform do the rest. Our primary goal is to reduce liquidity providers' manual effort by offering them the option to use our algorithm.

HoustonSwap provides the following automation features:

  1. Limit Order allows users to buy tokens at their desired prices.

  2. Stop Loss Bot allows users to set maximum-loss level for their liquidity provision.

  3. Auto-Hedged LP enables liquidity provision positions to change the underlying debt composition to hedge for price movements of non-stable assets.

  4. Automated Liquidity Provision Strategy decides the optimal price level for users, and automatically changes it according to market situations.

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